Selling last year for $5.8 million, downtown Sarasota’s Kress Building was purchased by local real estate investor Eric Baird. Celebrating his acquisition of the iconic site, Baird has gone on to reveal plans to bring in a number of luxury retailers as part of his anticipated revitalization of the almost 90-year-old Art Deco style property.

“It’s such a spectacular structure,” says the Kress Building’s proud new owner, Eric Baird, speaking from his home in Sarasota County, Florida, “and represents a great opportunity to deliver new, high-end retailers to bustling downtown Sarasota’s Main Street.”

Bringing an all-new luxury retail experience to…

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Sarasota County School’s instructional staff, numbering nearly three thousand strong, will receive an unexpected gift this holiday season. The Education Foundation of Sarasota County will administer a $1 million gift from local businessman Eric Baird, in the form of a $350 discretionary grant which may be used for both professional or personal purposes.

While philanthropy in the field of education is relatively common, this style of direct donation to the highly-trained professionals working in Sarasota’s classrooms in somewhat unusual. …

Eric Baird

Eric Baird founded — then known as Access USA — in Sarasota Florida in the late 90s. The company started as a mail forwarding

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